Our Wedding


Useful information:


      RDV Saturday the 30th of July :

       - Ceremony at 5.30pm, at St Blaise church in Lemps 

       - Festivities to follow, in our house of Lubac-Lemps 



      RDV Sunday the 31st of July :

       - Brunch at 11.00am, in our house of Lubac-Lemps 


       Please confirm your attendance by filling in the

      information on the "Answer" page


      Wedding list

       We've been asked the question a few times by now. Well, we don't have any.

       A box will be in view for your little enveloppes, to contribute to our honeymoon. But being here on our day is already a

       great gift! 



NB: Why Arnaud & Nelly??


Yes, good conduct would spell Nelly & Arnaud. 

No, Arnaud is not a macho.


It will in fact be the name of our winery and brewery. As Arnaud will work and manage it all, that Nelly will give ideas (as all great projects need a woman), it is therefore Arnaud's name that comes first.


We thought you had to get use to this name already, stick it in your brain!!